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bratz fashion games

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  • Bratz is an American line of fashion dolls and related merchandise manufactured by MGA Entertainment. The four original 10" dolls - Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin - are teenagers distinguished by large heads and skinny bodies, almond-shaped eyes adorned with eyeshadow, and lush, glossy lips.

  • Bratz is a computer-animated television series, based on a line of toy dolls of the same name. It is produced by Mike Young Productions and MGA Entertainment, and premiered on 4Kids TV

  • Bratz is a video game based on the Bratz doll line. Courtney Clarke & Nathalia Ramos play the voices for this video game.

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bratz fashion games - Bratz: Passion

Bratz: Passion for Fashion Game

Bratz: Passion for Fashion Game

For 2 to 4 players
Tonight is Bratz Nite Out, and you've gotta look good. But when you check your closet, you find that someone has borrowed your clothes. That means you'll have to figure out whose closet they're in and get them back before the big night. Be careful: if somebody borrows an item you already have or messes up your hair, you'll be in a fashion funk. Only an emergency visit to the local beauty salon can help you then. Will you be the first to mix 'n match the hottest fashion looks and make it home to win the fashion game? It's all up to you. Includes: 19" x 19" game board with revolving "closets," four pawns and stands, 20 tokens, four fashion scoring boards, four plastic push pegs, label sheet and instructions.

The Bratz, a group of little girls with big attitudes, are getting ready for a big night out. And naturally a night on the town is absolutely impossible without the right outfit. In this game, each player picks a character (Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, or Jade) and navigates them around the board, collecting clothes from the other Bratz’ closets. There are appropriately cosmetic hazards (be careful not to get your hair mussed up or let someone else borrow an essential piece of apparel). Shallow and superficial? Of course it is. But that’s part of the fun, especially for younger girls who dream of one day becoming glamorous teenagers. --John Moe

77% (12)

If you were a Bratz tag game thingy. :P

If you were a Bratz tag game thingy. :P

Tagged by: Alexbabs1! XD
LOL. Such a fail! XD I dont have good editing software on this computer, since im on Vaycay. LOL. But Its okay i guess? I used paint. LOL SO GHETTO! I chose to do a picture of a real doll cause i thought it was easier to do. haha. guess not.

Simpleeeeeeee! Like grab a photo from the bratz like page (must be animated or prototype thingy,you know and from the new updated faces) and either photoshop, gimp, picnik, etc...

Step two: Describe your fashion sense and like why would you wear it?
I mostly wear cardigans and v-necks. lol. skinnys amd chucks FTW! XD I like to wear lots of clothes from Forever21 Mens! So if you go to their site, you'll get an idea of my fashion choices. :)

Step three: Give a nick name to yourself.
Hmmmm.....I cant really think of a good 'Bratz-sounding' nickname.LOL my cousins used to call me Nixon (Like Richard Nixon since my name is Richie) but other than that i never really had a nickname. XD I guess Dancezilla? Since i love to dance? Especially K-Pop dances. ^_^ But i also love to sing! Idk really! Help me? lol.
IDK who to tag. :P

Tag Game: If I were a bratz

Tag Game: If I were a bratz

Simple! Like grab a photo from the bratz like page (must be animated or prototype thingy you know and from the new updated faces, boy or girl) and either photoshop, gimp, picnik.. ect..

Step two: Describe your fashion sense and like why would you wear it? Is it because your friends wear the something or you start trends? Etc.. Also, add accessories and note them up on what accessory you would wear.
* idk how to describe it, I wear what fits me, or what my mom say to wear :P
I don't like colorful and "too much" things and I surely am not fashionable, hehehe
I like basics, but try to add some "style", love earings (but not the big ones!) and like what is confortable ^^ *

Step three: Give a nick name to yourself :
* Carol Parvati, of course, hehehe
I wish there was a bratz doll called Carol >.< *

Step Four: Tag

* I tagged boys because I didn't see any yet :P *

if you wanna play and no one tagged you yet, feel free to tag yourself!!

bratz fashion games

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